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"Biscuit" was the term used to describe a hard-baked bread, which could be stored without spoiling. The origin has two French words: "Bis" and "Coctus" meaning "baked twice".

The manufacturing process was simple. The bread roll was baked twice to remove excess moisture, thus preventing it to spoil. After baking the bread, it was let sit for a day, in a dry chamber, in order to “dry the water”, to conserve it.

The evolution of the food was a natural factor and its specialized varieties were being composed.

The popularity of the “biscuit” increased rapidly (by the mid-seventeenth century), when in Europe, chocolate or tea was added to the biscuit. Creating flavor and aroma.


Currently, there are more than 200 types of biscuits, with a highly specialized industry, with perfect formulations, with a total control of its market and under a very developed process of sophistication.

  • - Stuffed
  • - Cream Cracker/ Saltine
  • - Tortinhas / Goiabinha (guava jam)
  • - Dry / Sweet
  • - Cornstarch / Marie
  • - Salty
  • - Wafer
  • - Ring-shaped
  • - Cookie
  • - Mixed
  • - Covered
  • - Ladyfinger
  • - Manioc starch
  • - Imported
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